Moving checklist

Moving Checklist

Relocating soon? If you’re moving home soon, it can be a very stressful and overwhelming time, but with Quick and Easy Moving’s moving checklist, you will be well on your way to a stress free, easy moving experience. Here are our 10 steps to ensuring an easy move…

1. Get Quotes

Finding a moving company is the most important thing to organise when it comes to your move. Be sure to source several quotes from local moving companies in your direct area, ask as many questions as possible, and get as much information as is required to make an informed decision about who you will choose.

2. Book Your Moving Company

Moving companies will have different timelines on when they like to book in clients for their upcoming move. While we can be extremely flexible with our schedules, the more time we have, the better. We recommend booking in your moving company as soon as possible up to 6 weeks prior to your intended moving date. This will ensure you are tracking ahead of schedule and have more time to get as organised as possible in the meantime.

3. Start room-by-room

And so the oh-so-dreaded packing begins… but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Giving yourself time to pack your non-essential things away within plenty of time prior to moving day and organising them in boxes (we suggest room by room) ready for your movers can make things a little easier.

4. Organise transportation to the new place

A week or so before moving day, be sure you have organised transportation to your new place. Ask a friend to help drive your vehicles to your new place, otherwise, hire a transportation company to do it for you.

5. Update your details

Contact your bank, insurers, accountant, friends and family about your new address.

6. Confirm with your movers

Depending on who your moving company is, they will usually contact you a few days prior to your move to finalise and confirm details.

7. Clean out your fridge

Get packing, cooking, or donate to charity. Clean out the contents of your fridge prior to your move. Not sure how to move your food items safely? Get in touch with us today.

8. Last Minute Check

You’re almost there! Be sure to conduct a last minute check of the home prior to your move. Make sure you haven’t left anything out or missed packing any items.

9. Moving Day

Communication is key when it comes to moving home. Stay in contact with your movers throughout the process and let them know if you have any questions or concerns. Remember to stay hydrated, relax and let your moving company take care of the rest

10. Cleaning

Depending on whether you’re renting or have sold your home, it will need a good clean out after you move. You can either DIY or hire a cleaning expert to help with your bond or home clean. Afterall, you want it to be in great condition for when you hand over the keys to your agent.