Moving Checklist

Moving House is a hard, tough slog, and something people never look forward to. It’s easy to forget about the little things while feeling like you are caught up as part of a juggling act. It’s no secret that moving is a stressful experience, and we completely understand how you feel.

The best approach is to prepare in advance. The last thing you want is to feel rushed and frazzled on the day of your move. Taking time to plan everything out before your moving day will make the whole process a breeze. Don’t worry;it’s so easy anyone can do it!

Preparing to Move

So you’ve decided to move, and now the time has come to prepare for the big moving day. It can often be a nerve-racking, worrying, and time-consuming process, so we’ve prepared this checklist based on our extensive experience, to help eliminate the stress from moving.

The biggest tip is to not leave everything until the last minute! Doing so will allow you to keep calm, and ensure your packing preparation is seamless and relaxed.

What to Tackle First

About a month before the move, it’s a good idea to start deciding what you want to keep and what to get rid off. There’s no point to pay to move items you don’t need anymore or to keep paying for them if in storage. Once you’ve decided what you no longer need, it’s smart to start packing away the things you won’t need to use right away.

The best plan is sorting out the big items well ahead of time, so when moving day arrives, there isn’t much you have to worry about. Being well-organized leaves fewer things to have to tackle during the busy moving day. Around this time is also a good idea to set up activation/cut off dates for all of your utilities.

If you’re not sure where to get started, when preparing to move, we’ve got you covered.

We have prepared this moving checklist to help you get on top of the whole process!

Moving Checklist – The Basics

Moving can seem like a rather daunting and overwhelming process. The best way to prep for a move is to break everything down into small and manageable stages.

Doing so allows you to deal with smaller checklists, which seem more achievable and won’t leave you feeling frazzled. The following moving checklist covers the most important things associated with moving, starting from a month before the move all the way through to moving day, so you can get an overview of everything you need to tackle.


Moving is a lengthy process, and a month before the moving date is when you should start planning everything as much as possible. This will give you plenty of time and not leave you stressed out at the last minute.

  • First, sort out all your items to decide what to keep, and what you no longer want
  • Get rid of everything you don’t want to move with you to your new home
  • Make an inventory list for everything which will be moved
  • Donate any unwanted items in good condition to charity, or sell them on CraigsList or eBay.
  • Confirm parking arrangements for removalist truck, as well as booking the moving elevator (if required).
  • Contact the post office to request a change of address kit
  • Make a list of business firms and personal accounts to notify of your scheduled move, don’t forget to inform your friends also.
  • Get packing supplies including: tape, boxes, and bubble wrap
  • Arrange activation and cut-off dates with your utility companies for cable, telephone, gas, water, electricity, and garbage services.
  • Label each box as you pack it – that way you know exactly where your items are located, and which room the box needs to be unpacked in the new house.


  • Plan to dispose of all flammables which can’t be transported such as aerosol cans, ammunition, cleaning fluid, fireworks, oil cans/paint/thinner, household liquids, and propane tanks


  • Clean out the refrigerator and make a note to defrost and dry it on the day before the move
  • Schedule utilities to be turned on at the new home


  • Label and separate boxes/items as “last load” items
  • Ensure that all loose items are packed into boxes
  • Unplug all electronic items from a power source
  • Remove all pictures from the walls
  • Check all boxes have been labelled on the top and side with a destination room in the new home
  • All breakable and heavy items have been removed from desk drawers and dressers.
  • All linen has been removed from beds
  • All rooms, cabinets, and closets have been checked for any remaining items

Make a box of essential items (which can be accessed right away at the new house without having to unpack everything first)

  • Toilet Paper
  • Snacks/Coffee
  • First Aid Kit
  • Garbage Bags
  • Portable Tool Kit
  • Change of clothes
  • Pet Food and Dish
  • Towels
  • Flashlight
  • Plate/Cutlery/Mug
  • Important Documents
  • Scissors
  • All-purpose cleaner

Right before you leave the house for the last time:

  • Shut off water
  • Shut off A/C
  • Turn off lights
  • Shut and lock all windows
  • Do a final check for any items left behind
  • Hand over house keys