Moving from Vancouver to Kelowna and vice versa

Are you planning to move long distances? Do you want movers you can trust, who will arrive on time, and not damage your goods?

Choosing the right long-distance furniture moving Company for your Vancouver to Kelowna move can be the difference between a smooth and easy move or a nightmare.

At Quick and Easy Moving, we can haul your goods to any suburb in Canada. Our professional, fully qualified and trained team offer full-service long distance moving, ensuring that your belongings arrive at their destination in pristine condition and ensuring a stress-free move.

On-Time Pick Up And Delivery Dates

Long-distance moving is a significant change that involves uprooting your life and making the long haul. Our trusted furniture moving business offers an affordable price, reliable delivery dates. It delivers outstanding service to guarantee to take care of your belongings and ensure their safety at all times. Using Quick & Easy Moving for your long-distance move means one less thing to have to worry about.

We treat your possessions as if they were our own

We strive to ensure that no damage occurs at any stage of the process. We treat your belongings as if they were our own. For peace of mind, we offer an inventory tagging system for every item which is moved.

Going the extra mile to help your move be perfect, we make sure that our trucks and uniforms are clean at all times so that you don’t need to clean any unwelcome dirt or dust from your belongings once they have been moved.

Vancouver to Kelowna Moving Services Include

To ensure your possessions are fully accounted for, we create a detailed and itemized inventory of everything. We then ensure that every article of furniture has been carefully wrapped in a moving pad, which will ensure it arrives safely throughout the moving process to your new residence. Our full-service long-distance movers also ensure that each item is placed in your preferred location and room of your new home. We provide full range of packing supplies (with next-day delivery) now available at wholesale on all west Kelowna, British Columbia and surrounding area moves. We move people to British Columbia, Summerland, Peachland, Port Coquitlam, Penticton, and many other areas when moving to Kelowna BC. We are the leading job site in Canada. We offer a diverse range of services that can be tailored to meet specific demands and cater to the storage and/or relocation needs for jobs of all sizes. This is a great option for those who need to move or store furniture, or other commercial jobs that many other moving companies may struggle with. If you need storage in between homes that’s no problem because storage is built right into our moving service and easy to add on. In order to make your business ready for the moving day, our company will send the most experienced movers and packers to disconnect electronic devices and relieve the contents of office furniture. Moving to Kelowna from Vancouver Moving to Kelowna is an exciting time but it’s hard to be prepared for a big relocation when daily life often gets in the way. We obtained the moving services of your company. All our Vancouver to Kelowna moving services are fully bonded and insured. Guaranteed flat rates that beat all competitor moving companies by at least 10%!

Taking care of fragile items

We can also provide crating of glass, pictures, and marble if required Before the move, in your home, we will blanket and plastic stretch wrap all of your furniture, ensuring it is safely protected at all times during the move. In the case of fast moves from the all cities of British Columbia to Vancouver, our Vancouver Kelowna movers can help you with packing services.

At Quick & Easy Moving, we understand sometimes you only need a hand transporting a few items, which is why we are flexible to meet your needs, from shipping just that one fragile item, to moving your entire household. Whatever your requirements, we can help!

Take advantage of our free moving estimate by submitting the online form or by calling our experienced staff on this 778 871 8999 phone number.

Vancouver/Kelowna Moving Charges and Procedure

A lot of moving companies make their charges confusing to follow and understand. We would rather provide honest, transparent charges so that you don’t experience any nasty charges on the day of the move.

The mileage charges long-distance moving between the destination and your origin, as well as the total weight of your belongings. Quick and Easy Moving are long-distance moving experts in Vancouver.

Overseas relocation

If moving interstate, it’s best to plan well in advance and to allow significant time to gather the necessary documents as well as to file visa applications. You never know when there may be a delay in the process, and allowing sufficient time helps eliminate unnecessary stress if a delay was to occur.

Once you’ve completed the visa process, it’s then time to start planning the move.

It is essential to have the correct documents filled out when crossing the border into the United States. Quick & Easy Moving ensures a smooth process when moving from Vancouver to the US as your long-distance moving company.

Regulations of Your New Country

Laws and regulations can vary significantly from one country to another. It’s best to speak with the appropriate embassy or consulate in advance to learn of any rules or restrictions for expats moving to a new destination country.

  • Requirements for permits and visas
  • Restrictions on the shipping of household items
  • Any import taxes
  • Required vaccines for family members
  • Vaccines and any quarantines for family pets
  • Taxes involved in shipping your car