Expert Advice When Moving During the Summer

Moving during the summer can be both exciting and challenging. The warm weather brings unique considerations and potential obstacles for which you must be prepared. To ensure a smooth relocation, it’s essential to consider expert advice.

Here are some expert tips to remember when moving during the summer.

Plan Your Summer Moving Early

Planning well in advance is crucial when moving during the summer. Since it’s a popular time for relocations, booking movers, renting trucks, or securing storage space early is essential. Doing so will give you a better chance of finding available services and potentially save money by avoiding last-minute rush fees.

Beat the Heat of a Summer Move

Moving in hot weather can be physically demanding and potentially hazardous. The day’s peak heat can be exhausting and even pose health risks. It’s recommended to schedule your moving activities during the more excellent parts of the day, such as early morning or evening. Hydrated by drinking plenty of water and taking regular breaks in shaded areas to prevent heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

Protect Your Belongings

Extreme heat can cause damage to sensitive items during transportation. Electronics, artwork, and perishable goods can be particularly vulnerable to heat. To safeguard your belongings, it’s essential to ensure they are properly packed and transported in climate-controlled vehicles or containers. Consider using insulated blankets or temperature-controlled storage units to shield delicate items from high temperatures.

Notify Utilities

Contact your utility providers to schedule disconnections at your old address and connections at your new one. Ensuring that essential services like electricity, water, and internet are set up before you move in will save you from any inconvenience or disruptions.

Prepare for Travel Delays

Summertime often means increased road traffic, especially during a holiday weekend when everyone is going out of town. It’s important to factor in potential delays when planning your travel route, especially if you’re moving long distances. Stay updated on weather conditions and consider alternative ways to avoid unexpected delays when moving in the summer.

Secure Valuables

With windows and doors frequently open during the moving process, it’s crucial to take extra precautions to protect your valuables. Keep important documents, jewelry, and other valuable items with you or in a secured box that you handle. Consider purchasing insurance coverage for added peace of mind in the event of unfortunate incidents in the hot summer.

Stay Organized During Peak Moving Season

Staying organized is one of the best summer moving tips we can dispense. Clearly label your boxes and create an inventory list to keep track of your belongings. This will make unpacking easier and help you find essential items quickly once you arrive at your new home. Color-coding boxes by room can further streamline the process of summer moving for you and the moving companies.

Inform Change of Address

Remember to inform relevant parties about your change of address. Update your address with the post office, banks, insurance companies, and any subscriptions you may have. Additionally, notify friends, family, and important contacts of your new address to ensure you receive mail and essential documents promptly before the moving date.

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Moving can overwhelm children and pets. To ensure their safety and reduce stress, especilly because of the summer heat, it’s advisable to arrange for someone to look after them on moving day. If that’s not possible, designate a secure area in your home where they can stay comfortable and away from the chaos. Provide plenty of water, snacks, and their favourite toys to keep them hydrated, nourished, and occupied during moving.

Enjoy the Process

Despite the challenges, moving during the summer offers opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and explore your new neighbourhood. Take breaks to appreciate your surroundings, visit local attractions, and engage in activities that allow you to make the most of the summer months in your new home.

Hire Reliable Moving Companies

Hire professional movers experienced for summer season moves. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle the challenges of moving in hot weather. Professional movers can bring the right packing supplies, and efficiently pack, load, and transport your belongings, saving time and effort. It’s worth considering them regardless of the moving expenses because they can save you a lot of time and effort compared to doing a DIY move.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Moving during the summer means prolonged exposure to the sun. Protect yourself by wearing sunscreen, a hat, and lightweight, breathable clothing. Remember to wear comfortable shoes that provide support and keep your feet cool.

Take Care of Your Plants

Moving plants in hot weather requires special attention. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods. Keep them hydrated by watering them thoroughly before the move, and consider providing shade during transportation. Consider moving delicate plants in your vehicle to ensure their safety.

Use Cooling Appliances

Keep fans or air conditioning units running during the loading and unloading. This will help keep the indoor environment comfortable and prevent heat damage to your belongings.

Clean and Prepare Your New Home

Before moving in, ensure your new home is clean and ready for occupancy. Summer can bring dust and debris, so take the time to clean floors, windows, and surfaces. Turn on the air conditioning or fans in advance to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for your arrival.

Pack a Summer Essentials Box

Moving during the summer means you’ll be exposed to the sun and heat for extended periods. Prepare a dedicated box with summer essentials to keep you protected and comfortable. Include sunscreen with a high SPF, wide-brimmed hats to shield your face, sunglasses to protect your eyes, insect repellent to ward off bugs, and plenty of water bottles to stay hydrated. Keep this box accessible throughout the moving process, so you can quickly access these items when needed.

Use Lightweight and Breathable Packing Materials

When packing fragile items, consider using lightweight and breathable materials to wrap them. Clothing items like t-shirts or towels can effectively cushion while allowing air circulation. Effectively, like using materials like bubble wrap or plastic can generate heat and potentially cause damage to delicate belongings, especially in high temperatures.

Protect Electronics

Extreme heat can be detrimental to electronics. Safeguard your devices by taking extra precautions when packing them. Use anti-static bubble wrap or blankets to wrap electronic items securely. This will provide insulation and protect them from potential heat-related damage. Additionally, avoid leaving electronics in hot vehicles for extended periods, as the temperature inside a car can rise quickly. If possible, transport electronics in your air-conditioned vehicle to mitigate the risk of overheating.

Notify Your Neighbors

Moving can sometimes cause temporary inconvenience to your new neighbours due to the presence of moving trucks, parking challenges, or increased activity. Clear communication can make the transition smoother and minimize any potential disruption. As a courtesy, inform your new neighbours about your move-in date and estimated arrival time. This simple gesture allows them to plan accordingly and helps foster a positive relationship.

Have a Backup Plan for Utilities

While you may have scheduled utility connections at your new home, unexpected delays can occur. It’s essential to have a backup plan to ensure you have access to critical services during any unforeseen disruptions. Consider carrying a small generator or a fully charged power bank. These backup power sources can provide temporary electricity to keep essential appliances running until the main utilities are restored. Extra batteries, flashlights, and portable fans can also be helpful during utility outages.


Moving during the summer can be overwhelming and stressful. But by taking the proper precautions and preparing for potential challenges, you can make your transition smoother and more comfortable. Hiring a professional moving company like Quick & Easy Moving can help reduce the burden of relocating in hot temperatures. Their extensive experience delivering quality service makes them ideal for your summer move. So, take the stress out of moving and let Quick & Easy Moving help you with a safe and efficient move this summer.