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At Quick and Easy Moving, we are highly committed to providing a positive and memorable experience when it comes to local moving. As experienced movers in Surrey, we understand your needs. Our staff are highly trained and professional and know how valuable your cherished possessions are. A home isn’t just a place you live; it’s where you create life’s most precious memories with your loved ones.

Advantages of Quick & Easy Moving

We offer benefits over other moving companies starting from the cheapest rates in Surrey, starting from just $35 per half hour, which includes one man and a truck. Ready to work, we show up fully equipped with our can-do attitudes, as well as moving necessities such as dollies, padding, and straps.

Along with our low rates, we never compromise on quality and ensure we exceed all expectations. Our expert furniture professional are fully-trained and accredited courses including OHS, Work Cover, Safe Working and Handling Practices

Our reputable moving crew takes utmost care during all aspects of your move, offering polite, friendly, and highly-trained movers to service all areas of the Greater Surrey and Fraser Valley areas.

Our affordable rates, friendly and polite service, as well as our high levels of customer satisfaction, making us one of Canada’s most trusted movers.

Services – Movers in Surrey

Our established moving team offer the following services:

  • Office Relocation In Surrey: Weekend or overnight office relocation, up and running for the next working day
  • Precious Goods Moving: From upright pianos to marble statues
  • Long Distance Moving: To and from Surrey, as well as anywhere across Canada
  • Apartment Moving: We carefully navigate stairs and elevators
  • Surrey House Moving: Moving your precious belongings and memories from your old house to your new home
  • Packing & Unpacking: leave the hard work to us, as we carefully pack all of your belongings for you

Packing Service Packages

Select what level of packing moving services you require, there’s an option for everyone! We’re also able to tailor a package to your needs. If you’re unsure which is best for you, give us a call, and our professionally trained team will be able to help you select the right option for you.

Essential Tasks for Moving in Surrey

When moving from one house to another in Surrey, it can be quite an overwhelming process. We understand how easy it is to overlook something, which is why we have prepared a list of essential tasks to complete before moving house.

  • Change of Address: AddressChangeBC makes it easy to change your address in BC. If you are moving within British Columbia, use the official form here to update your personal and business records with both local and provincial government organizations.
  • Mail Forwarding: Canada Post offers six or twelve-month mail redirection services. Fill in a Permanent Change of Address form at least five days before the move. You can complete this on the Canada Post website or in person at any post office.
  • Update Utilities: To cancel your gas, electricity, and water/sewerage services, at least three working days before you are scheduled to move, contact Surrey’s Utilities Services offices on Tel: 360 487 7999.
  • Telephone and Internet Services: It’s advisable to contact your provider as soon as possible in advance of a move. To ensure the address is changed by the moving date, please allow at least two to three weeks for it to be actioned.
  • Taxes: You must inform the Canada Revenue Agency as soon as possible of an address change. You can do an address update online, or by telephone, mail, or fax.
  • Health Providers: Register a change of address with the Ministry of Health Services by using their online system. Medical Services Plan requires immediate notification of an address change. Forms are available to download here.
  • Banks: Notify your banks of your new address in writing. Be sure to include the account numbers, the old and new addresses, as well as the account holder’s names.
  • Schools: Parents of children at a Surrey Board of Education school, must go to a District Reception and Placement center if moving within the city of Surrey, and then register with the new school. This must be completed in either July or August.

    If your children don’t attend a Surrey Board of Education school, parents should inform the school of the departure.

  • Vehicles: A change of address for a driver’s license must be done within ten days of moving. You can update it on the Government of British Columbia’s website, in person at a Driver Licensing Office, or in person.

Surrey long distance mover

 In addition to moving services in Surry and surrounds, our moving company offers long-distance moves with the same level of professionalism we offer to local moving customers. We offer our many long-distance moving services across the country. Here are some of our destinations across Canada:

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We take the utmost care when moving your items into your new home, and you don’t need to worry about lifting or moving any heavy items in your home, or in and out of the truck. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you, and also organize and place the heavy items exactly where you want them to go.

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About Surrey BC

Surrey is a major city in British Columbia, Canada. Its located to the north of the American-Canadian borders. Surrey BC is the province second-largest city with a population of 518000 as of 2016 Census.  Surrey is mostly hills and flatland with inter-coastal climate and heavy rainfall.